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The Irish Food Writers' Guild Mission Statement

The Guild aims to support food writing excellence and integrity in food reporting; to highlight and influence food policy; and to create debate on sustainable and ethical food production. The Guild also aims to promote good food education across all levels of education and seeks to promote Irish food at home and abroad.

The Principle Directives of the Irish Food Writers' Guild

 Supporting food writing excellence and integrity Advocating sustainable and ethical food production Promoting good food education Promoting Irish food at home and abroad Influencing food policy

Policy Areas

Labelling Our vision for labelling in Ireland is that all labelling should be transparent, legible, unambiguous, truthful and in plain English to enable consumers to make informed choices. Education The Guild aims to share our skills and knowledge to promote practical life skills in food; to empower people to make informed choices; and to highlight the role better eating plays in everyone’s health, well-being and quality of life. Sustainable production Sustainable production protects the environment, allows us to produce better food and ultimately is the best means through which to ensure food security. The Guild actively supports sustainable production, as Ireland has the potential to be a world leader and innovator in sustainable production. Health Better eating is intrinsically linked to better health and well-being, with significant economic gains. The Guild believes the state must revise its food and health spending and emphasise the importance of better eating for improved lifelong health.


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