Nessa Robins

Nessa Robins trained as a nurse in St. James’s Hospital, before completing a Bachelor in Nursing Studies at Trinity College Dublin. She worked in many different areas of nursing until having her third child. In 2007, staying at home with her children gave her the opportunity to focus on food and she began to teach cookery classes from her kitchen. Her passion for cooking and love of writing merged when she started her award-winning food blog, Nessa’s Family Kitchen, in January 2010. Her first book, ‘Apron Strings – Recipes from a Family Kitchen’, was published in May 2013, by New Island Books. Nessa has a weekly column in The Westmeath Independent, a bi-monthly column in Easy Parenting and she writes a monthly ‘Home Nurse’ column in The Farmer’s Journal – Irish Country Living. Nessa also teaches evening cookery classes, in Moate.

Nessa lives in Moate, Co. Westmeath, with her husband Diarmuid and their four children.