Community Food Award 2024: Call for Entries

Nominations are now open for the Irish Food Writers’ Guild Community Food Award 2024.

Each year this award is given to an individual, business or other organisation involved in food that, in the opinion of the Guild, is outstanding in the way that it embraces an ethos of social responsibility.  

For example, the award might go to a community kitchen or garden, to a food education project or to a food business that donates a portion of its profits back to the community. It could go to an ethical food entrepreneur, a chef or a retail business. It could go to a large-scale national project or a small project based in one community. The important considerations are that the project is well managed and transparent and that it has a positive relationship with the community in which it operates.

Previous winners include Green-Schools Food and Biodiversity Theme, Falling Fruit Ireland, Cork Penny Dinners, Sligo Global Kitchen, Irish Seed Savers and Bia Food Initiative. See here for profiles of these and all previous winners.

Unlike the Guild’s annual Food Awards, which are only nominated by Guild members, individuals, businesses and organisations can nominate themselves or others for this award.

To Enter:

We will be accepting nominations for this award up to and including Tuesday 24 October 2023.

To submit a nomination, please complete your answers to the questions below and email to the Guild secretary, Katia Valadeau, at There is no entry fee.

  • Name of Proposer (your name), your email address and phone number.
  • Name of the individual, project, business or organisation that you are nominating.
  • Contact name for the project, business or organisation that you are nominating.
  • Address of the project, business or organisation.
  • Website of the project, business or organisation.
  • Email address for the individual, project, business or organisation.
  • Describe the project, initiative or business. What is the idea behind it? (max. 50 words)
  • What impact does this project, initiative or business have in terms of social responsibility? (max. 50 words)
  • How long has it been running for? If it is a project, please specify the timeframe (max. 20 words).
  • Why is this individual/project/organisation the most deserving recipient of the IFWG Community Food Award? (max. 50 words)

The Guild will vote on nominations in November and the award will be announced in March 2024.